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Something about polish falconry

If you want to know anything about falconry in Poland then You came to right place! Well, let's start from the begining. I didn't make a whole English copy of this site because I think that there is enough falconry web sites - just go to falconry webring! This short description is about to tell You, how does falconry in Poland look like.

Modern falconry in Poland exists since 1975 and currently (2009) we have ca. 100 active falconers. So it is difficult to show many succeses. I think that here more than 65% of falconers fly goshawks and that's what Polish falconers are good in. In the end of 2008 we have succesfully established last part of legal requirements that introduced the same CITES regulations as in other EU countries. Thnaks to that it is no longer a problem to travel and keep the birds from other EU countries. Unfortunately still it is not allowed to obtain any wild birds thus for example Goshawk population is very strong in Poland.

To be a falconer in Poland first what you have to do is to pass the exams in the National Hunters Association to became a hunter. When you are a hunter then you have to pass another exams this time - falconry exams. There are two Falconry Associations in Poland - the biggest one is called "THE FALCONERS NEST". Once a year we have a falconry field meeting, which lasts three or four days. There are few species of birds of prey that we use for hunting: goshawks (mainly), sakers, lanners, peregrines, harris hawks and gyr hybrids. The Peregrine is currently a part of a special reintroduction program that "FALCONERS NEST" started. We breed peregrines in captivity and then relieve into freedom. Thanks to that last years we found out that the wild population of peregrine is starting to increase (very slowly but growing).

Well, that's all about Polish falconry. If you have any questions, then simply email me and I will answer them as quick as I can. Click on the KONTAKT tag at the upper left side of this site and then write your question. You can also see the galery, but all of this site exept this part is in polish.